2015-16 Sentara Orthopedics Annual Report

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Sentara Fracture Care

Sentara Fracture Care at Sentara Leigh Hospital was the first and only program of its kind in the region when it opened in February 2014. It provides high quality, subspecialty care from a fellowship-trained team of orthopedic surgeons. The center places an emphasis on managing musculoskeletal injuries in the Emergency Department. Since the program was started in 2013, there has been a 10 percent improvement in getting our fracture patients to the operating room in less than 24 hours.

If surgery is required, Sentara Fracture Care provides completely integrated care that emphasizes the patient and family perspective, from the Emergency Department through discharge. Sentara Fracture Care developed specific treatment protocols for fractures, ensuring patients receive prompt and effective care. As a result, Sentara Fracture Care at Sentara Leigh Hospital has demonstrated shortened hospital stays and made for a better overall hospital experience for patients and their families. One of those protocols was a commitment to getting hip fracture patients operated on within 24 hours. This significantly lowers mortality rates and blood clots (VTE), and most patients are up the day of surgery.

Sentara Princess Anne Hospital opened a Sentara Fracture Care program in late 2015.


The graph shows that implementing Sentara Fracture Care improved our ability to treat fracture patients within the expected length of stay.

Chart-Fracture-Care 1 Sentara volume and data sourced from Sentara Decision Support