2015-16 Sentara Orthopedics Annual Report

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Sentara OrthopedicsĀ Annual Report

We believe in continually improving the care our orthopedic patients receive. We strive to deliver the highest quality services possible, carefully coordinated across all aspects of care. Not only does this approach benefit our patients, it reduces costs and makes our system more efficient.

We know that data drives innovation, so we foster the spirit of transparency needed to make changes and ensure consistency throughout our system. To that end, we have created a shared system for storing, accessing and using the many care measurements we record and report.

Our focus is on evaluating and delivering evidence-based clinical protocols for providing care. Our guidelines are designed to deliver safe care, with mechanisms in place to validate best practices.

Physicians help lead our quality improvement initiatives, and their participation has been critical to the success of our orthopedic service line. We work with more than 250 orthopedic surgeons and 50 podiatrists across Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. Collectively surgeons performed over 20,580 inpatient and outpatient orthopedic surgeries throughout Sentara in 2014, an 8.2 percent increase over 2014. More than 4,530 of those were elective hip and knee joint replacements, a 6.5 percent increase over 2013.

We embrace the need to make our care more efficient, using our resources wisely and creating value for every patient. For example, we know that care does not stop when a patient leaves the hospital, and that increasing the amount of services delivered at home is critical.

Educating and connecting with patients before they ever enter the doors of our facilities helps to prepare our patients for a quicker recovery. Once they return home, the connection with our staff and home care services offers an ongoing relationship that can keep recovery on track.

An important milestone for the year was the development of the inaugural 2015 Sentara Systemwide Orthopedic Strategic Plan that spans all Sentara regions and includes 12 hospitals.

We also implemented the leadership structure needed to achieve our goals. Guidance came from Sentara Orthopedic High Performance Team (HPT) surgeons and other professionals representing all of our regions. The strategic plan establishes a clear vision and path for developing a robust orthopedics network. It follows one of our guiding principles: to instill innovation in the way we think and act.



Carole S. Guinane, RN, MBA
Vice President
Sentara Orthopedic Services


Jack L. Siegel, MD
Sentara Orthopedics High
Performance Team (HPT)