2015-16 Sentara Orthopedics Annual Report

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Sentara Shoulder Care

Shoulder replacements and reverse total shoulder procedures are growing at a fairly rapid pace. Total shoulder outcomes continue to improve and evolve as technology advances. Innovative shoulder care is offered across Sentara facilities. Subspecialty trained orthopedic surgeons offer personalized patient care with a commitment to starting with the most minimally invasive interventions possible.

If surgery is necessary, the level of care available at Sentara is some of the best in the region, with many key differentiators resulting in better patient care:

Sentara Leigh Hospital was among the first facilities to offer the subscapularis total shoulder replacement in Virginia. This innovative, muscle-sparing approach for total shoulder replacement preserves the subscapularis, reduces the risk of tendon failure, provides fewer postoperative restrictions and potentially shortens rehabilitation time.

Northern Virginia and the Blue Ridge introduced the stemless and mini stem shoulder replacement.

The use of minimally invasive and arthroscopic reconstruction of glenoid bone defects is a muscle-sparing approach that leaves the subscapularis largely intact.

Before the surgery, I couldn’t pick anything up. I couldn’t hold a cup … now my range of motion is back completely.

— Cindy, arthroscopic rotator cuff surgery patient

Orthopedic surgeons practicing at Sentara are among only a handful trained in the use of the intramedullary small incision technique for clavicle fracture. This technique requires less stripping of the periosteum, resulting in less pain and quicker recovery times.

1 Sentara volume and data sourced from Sentara Decision Support