2016-17 Sentara Orthopedics Annual Report

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Pursuing Brilliance in Orthopedics

Our mission is to improve health every day. While that may sound altruistic, for orthopedic care, it’s true. Each time our orthopedic team members have the opportunity to interact with a patient or their family member, we have the ability to make their lives better. At Sentara we have seen that happen throughout our health facilities. By developing and implementing the most effective clinical protocols, focusing on details, outcomes and supporting collaborative teamwork, we have seen continuous improvement. We saw that in our operating rooms when we celebrated zero wrong events in all of our Sentara Hospitals operating rooms for 2016. That’s the type of excellence we hold ourselves to with Sentara orthopedics care.

With the focus on quality, we also believe in creating value for the patients we serve. This approach translates to high quality care that drives costs and inefficiencies out of the system. We strive to align our services across the continuum of care, evaluating and improving the patient experience.

We know that data drives change and that sharing this data through a spirit of transparency is necessary to truly integrate our services.

With that data transparency, our physicians are empowered to help lead our quality initiatives, and we have created a common data repository for our reporting. Our clinical focus is to evaluate and deliver clinical protocols and pathways, with guidelines for safe care oversight, and mechanisms in place to ensure adherence to our evidence-based protocols.

Physician participation is critical to the success of our orthopedic service line. We work with more than 250 orthopedic surgeons and providers and 50 podiatrists across Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. Collectively surgeons performed over 20,000 (all hospitals) inpatient and outpatient orthopedic surgeries throughout Sentara in 2016, a 7% (2015 Epic hospitals) increase over 2015. More than 5,950 of those were elective hip and knee joint replacements, a 15.2 percent increase over 2015.

Caring for our patients doesn’t stop when a patient leaves the hospital. With shortened hospital stays, we are arming our patients with more education and resources before any procedure or surgery is performed and it extends to the delivery of more services at home. This is a critical part of creating more value for our patients and keeps their recovery on track.

We also recognize the need for continuing education for surgeons and staff. We partnered with our neurology colleagues to offer the first Sentara conference on managing neuromusculoskeletal disorders. More than 226 surgeons, physicians, advanced health practitioners, nurses and therapists attended this one-day CME conference.

Both 2016 and 2017 have shown growth in orthopedics. Our pursuit of brilliance in orthopedics has created a path of successful orthopedic programs that stretches across Virginia and down into North Carolina. Take a look at the list of orthopedic achievements and then learn the details throughout the pages of this report.

From the patient stories, you will be able to embrace the passion of people who have restored their way of life from the orthopedic care they have received. That is truly our mission.

As we continue implementing our strategic plan, it’s important to celebrate and share our accomplishments and commend our superb care teams for their commitment to excellence. Mostly, we thank our patients for trusting us to care
for them.


Carole S. Guinane, RN, MBA
Vice President
Sentara Orthopedic Services


Jack L. Siegel, MD
Sentara Orthopedics High
Performance Team (HPT)