2016-17 Sentara Orthopedics Annual Report

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Sentara Back & Neck Center

Expanded the Sentara Back & Neck Center to four new locations across the regions

The Sentara Back & Neck Center provides seamless, coordinated back and neck care. In 2016 Sentara Back & Neck Centers opened at Sentara Norfolk General Hospital and the Orthopaedic Hospital at Sentara CarePlex; and the existing spine care at Sentara RMH Medical Center was added. In late 2017, Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center opened their center. This care is now available at seven Sentara Hospitals.

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This specialized center brings together an experienced team of expert surgeons, as well as nurses and therapists with special training in orthopedics and spine care. This approach results in better communication and better patient care. The Sentara Back & Neck Center continues to distinguish itself by providing exceptional care:

  • Dedicated Spine Patient Navigators provide seamless, personalized care before and after surgery.
  • Staff focus and special training: the nursing staff and physical therapists have a unified focus on back and neck care, and many are specially credentialed in orthopedics. This focus and expertise results in higher patient satisfaction and better patient care and outcomes.
  • Pre-operative classes set patient expectations and increase patient ambulation rates (return to walking) after surgery.
  • Developed the Spanish Version of the Sentara Back & Neck Center Patient Guidebook
  • Ten Ways to Recover at Home. A two sided document developed to help patients and their surgeons to appreciate the advantages of being able to be discharged from the hospital directly to the comforts of home for a continued recovery.
  • Patient Commitment. Choosing to have elective back or neck surgery does come with a commitment from the patient, and a coach to do their best to learn what they can do to have the very best outcomes. This three copy document bullets out the simple things that can optimize the experience and recovery.
  • StopLight Discharge Poster. With hospital stays after surgery becoming shorter, when patients are discharge home, they need to know the guidelines for what is normal, what symptoms need to be discussed with a health care provider and what needs immediate attention.
  • Online educational video developed to offer 24/7 online access to patients and their families about the Sentara Back & Neck Center experience

Sentara Ortho Client Connection icon Elizabeth

“I was in profound pain, so I decided to have back surgery. All the staff wanted was for me to be comfortable. Once I was back home, I was able to do little things again, such as make my bed. I’ve even worked in my garden.”