2016-17 Sentara Orthopedics Annual Report

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Innovative Shoulder Treatment

Across the country, shoulder reconstruction is growing in the treatment of arthritis and fractures of the shoulder. Innovative shoulder care is offered throughout Sentara facilities. Subspecialty trained orthopedic surgeons offer personalized patient care with a commitment to using the most minimally invasive interventions possible including the latest arthroscopic techniques.

  • The Orthopedic Hospital at Sentara Leigh Hospital was among the first facilities in Virginia to offer the subscapularis total shoulder replacement. This innovative, muscle-sparing approach for total shoulder replacement preserves the subscapularis (rotator cuff muscle at the front of the shoulder), reduces the risk of tendon failure, provides fewer postoperative restrictions and potentially shortens rehabilitation time.
  • Several facilities use minimally invasive, arthroscopic reconstruction for certain (glenoid) bone defects. This muscle-sparing approach leaves the subscapularis largely intact.
  • Shoulder replacement using mini stem and stemless continues to be a new option for patients.
  • Orthopedic surgeons practicing at Sentara are among a handful trained in the use of the intramedular small incision technique for clavicle fracture. This technique requires less stripping of the periosteum (a specialized connective tissue that covers all bones), resulting in less pain and quicker recovery times.

1 Sentara volume and data sourced from Sentara Decision Support


Sentara Ortho Client Connection icon Charles

“After years of wear and tear on my shoulder, a stemless shoulder replacement provided me with the relief I needed. I began therapy two weeks after the procedure and within four months, my range of motion was already back to 75% – 80%. Through continued physical therapy and daily exercises, I was able to throw around the football with my grandson again.”