2017-18 Sentara Orthopedics Annual Report

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“With my hereditary osteoarthritis, I needed to pursue surgical options when pain and stiffness in both shoulders made the simplest daily tasks difficult. Physical therapy has made all the difference in restoring my quality of life. Through hard work, perseverance and staff encouragement, I’m once again playing with my grandchildren. My quality of life has been restored.”


“I was worried about having surgery, because after an earlier one, I woke up experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. I shared my concern with the staff, and the anesthesiologist took every precaution, allowing my wife and my daughter into the recovery room to comfort me and instruct the nurses on how to approach me so I wouldn’t become alarmed. It was the best care I ever had.”


“I’ve been working with doctors for 30 years. My vitamin D-resistant rickets gave me bowed legs and kept me from growing over 4’-5.’’ My last two surgeries used the Orthofix TrueLok Hexapod external fixator to change the length and shape of my legs. Now I’m 4’-8’’.”


“Before my surgery, I was in a wheelchair and could not take care of my 8-month-old son. Now, two months post-surgery and with the help of your loved one’s tissue, I am fully mobile, working out five times a week, and chasing my almost year-old son around the house. I would not have been able to recover as quickly or as well without the gift your family gave me.”


“I injured my knee years ago playing football, and I put off any operations. I finally had the knee replacement surgery because I wanted to walk my daughter down the aisle and dance at her wedding. Since then, I’ve continued to be pain-free and can chase around my grandson and ride my bike.”


“I had a hip replacement on my right side years ago, and over time, it seemed like everything shifted, and I began to feel deep pain in my left hip. I was glad I chose to have my second surgery. The Express Track Option included classes that explained everything to me, and it provided the chance to stay only one night in the hospital. I was up and around the next day. Now I’m able to walk around without a limp and pain-free.”


“I was in profound pain, so I decided to have back surgery. All the staff wanted was for me to be comfortable. Once I was back home, I was able to do little things again, such as make my bed. I’ve even worked in my garden.”


“An old soccer injury to my ankle had gotten so bad that I couldn’t do everything I wanted to as a Boy Scout leader. Plus, my job as a nurse, where my feet are my life, was so painful. I finally had a total ankle replacement. Now I’m virtually pain-free and comfortable standing on my feet all day and camping again with the Boy Scouts.”


“I accidentally cut my right hand and the staff quickly saw me and scheduled my surgery the next day. The surgical care, post-op recovery and my follow-up physical therapy made all the difference. In less than three months, I made progress equivalent to six months and can play the guitar again.”


“In the same year, I had a hand fracture and a concussion from cheerleading. The sports medicine care I received helped me feel like myself again. I had been tired and dizzy for a long time; now I’m fine and have energy to enjoy my new puppy.”


“After years of wear and tear on my shoulder, a stemless shoulder replacement provided me with the relief I needed. I began therapy two weeks after the procedure and within four months, my range of motion was already back to 75% – 80%. Through continued physical therapy and daily exercises, I was able to throw around the football with my grandson again.”


“My motorcycle crash left me in the hospital for three weeks, and I needed six surgeries. We thought at first that it would take more than 18 months for me to walk again – my right leg was that bad – but I was back playing softball three times a week in less than 10 months.”